Mississippi Coding Academies a Public/Private Partnership

Mississippi Coding Academies is a joint public/private initiative formed under the sponsorship of Innovate Mississippi and Mississippi Development Authority to offer post-secondary students an intensive 11-month computer science education program. The Academies were inspired by Base Camp Coding Academy in Water Valley, MS.

Government sponsors and partners include:

Innovate Mississippi

Mississippi Development Authority

Mississippi Community College Board

State Workforce Investment Board

Mississippi Works

Appalachian Regional Commission

Columbus District School Board

Jackson Public School System

East MS Community College

Hinds Community College

Central Mississippi Planning & Development District

The goals of the Academies are to:

  • Prepare highly motivated high school graduates who are not college or junior college bound for careers in technology.
  • Reduce the shortage of available coding professionals (There are 1,200 open coding jobs in the state)
  • Establish Mississippi as a high growth area in coding and technology

The Academies will be characterized by:

  • A rigorous student recruitment and selection program,
  • A high touch approach, working closely with each student to achieve success,
  • A dedicated leadership group, with deep experience at a coding-centric company,
  • Motivated students, not necessarily computer oriented, with superior work ethics,
  • A strong connection to employers who will assist in setting the curriculum and in screening, educating, and evaluating the progress of the student coders and provide employment upon graduation, and
  • A close partnership with the local community colleges and public schools.

The Academies will offer an intense 11-month program of classroom and practical training in the most current computer coding skills. The program is heavily focused on practical application of technology in intensive on-site work from 8-5 daily. Of equal importance, the soft skills necessary for becoming employed and then being effective employees will be emphasized. Initial sites planned are Jackson, MS, and Columbus, MS with strong support of the Jackson Public School System and the Columbus Municipal School Board.