GOLDEN TRIANGLE Class 2017-2018

Our first class launched in Columbus, Mississippi, in December of 2017, serving coders from the Golden Triangle area.

MSCA Columbus Coders 2018

^^ Pictured: Coders from the Golden Triangle class

Meet the Instructor

Andrew S. Stamps – Coding Instructor 

Andrew S. Stamps a computer scientist specializing in graphics and visualization. The first of his family to attend and complete college, he has two degrees in computer science, a B.S. from Dillard University with minors in fine arts and mathematics, and an M.S. from Mississippi State University (MSU).

Stamps is currently pursuing a doctoral degree in computer science from MSU. As a lifelong learner, Mr. Stamps has also received research grants from NASA, the MSU Bagley College of Engineering, and Microsoft

Stamps has work published in IEEE Vis conference proceedings, and the NASA Space Grant Consortium conference. He served as a IEEE Vis conference chair from 2011-2014. Stamps has also worked as a software developer at Georgia Pacific, as a lead developer as Spatial Information Solutions, and as a team leader at IBM.

Additionally, Stamps performed research at the High Performance Computing division of Oak Ridge National Laboratory via Oak Ridge Associated Universities, and has taught programming courses at the Mississippi School for Math and Science and at MSU.

Meet the Coders

Leigh Jones - Mississippi Coding Academies

Leigh Jones

Hinds Community College

Leigh Jones graduated from Columbus High School and also attended Mississippi State University before entering into the workforce for 3 years at the Division of Medicaid.

I am a freelance web designer, and a student at the Golden Triangle Coding Academy. Coding has become a passion of mine, and I hope to become a confident developer for web, back-end, and mobile applications in the near future.”

Slater Borchers - Mississippi Coding Academies

Slater Borchers

Central High School – San Angelo, Texas

Slater Borchers graduated from Central High School in San Angelo, Texas.

“I joined the academy because I have always been interested in computers and how much technology has advanced in the last decade alone. I felt that I needed to be part of its continued evolution.  My future career path is hopefully to become a graphic designer or working without augmented reality.”

Tonessa Davis - Mississippi Coding Academies

Tonessa Dyson

East Mississippi Community College

Tonessa Davis is a graduate of East Mississippi Community College and the University of Alabama.

“When I heard about this opportunity, I wanted to be part of the movement that I hope continues to create software developers for years to come for the state.  After completing the program, my desire is to work for a company that will allow me to display my thoughts for software development freely.”

Kingdom McGee - Mississippi Coding Academies

Kingdom McGee

East Mississippi Community College

Kingdom McGee is a graduate of East Mississippi Community College with a degree in Computer Networking.

“It was a small stroke of fate that led me to the Golden Triangle Coding Academy. Never have I been a part of a program which, embeds me with so much potential to create, and breathe life into the many ideas I have planned for the future. I hope one day to make those projects a reality through coding. That’s all for now, thanks for reading!”

Kayla Woodard - Mississippi Coding Academies

Kayla Alexandria Woodard

Columbus High School

Kayla Alexandria Woodard is a graduate of Columbus High School.

“My future goals are to complete the Coding Academy program and join the technology workforce.”

Jarius Chatman - Mississippi Coding Academies

Jarius Chatman

Columbus High School

Jarius Chatman attended Columbus High School and graduated with honors. He also attended University of West Alabama. 

“I joined Golden Triangle Coding Academy to enlighten and enhance my skills with computers to find a successful career in the near future. During this course, I have acquired a great amount of knowledge about coding and designing. By the conclusion of this course, I will have sufficient and adequate knowledge to pursue the career best for me.”

Reece Pavatte - 250 - Mississippi Coding Academies

Reece Pavatte

Madison-Ridgeland Academy

Reece Pavatte is
originally from Arlington, TN, but grew up in Madison, MS. He graduated from Madison-Ridgeland Academy in 2014 and attended both East Mississippi Community College and Mississippi State, with a major in Business Administration.

His long-term goals are to complete this program and enter the financial and technical side of coding and work for a great company.

Ashley Brandon - Mississippi Coding Academies

Ashley Brandon

Columbus High School

Ashley Brandon is a graduate of Columbus High School.

“I saw the program in the newspaper and I thought this would be a great opportunity to learn something different. I see myself in the future as a freelance programmer.”

Angela Pugh - Mississippi Coding Academies

Angela Pugh


Angela Pugh was homeschooled during my high school years, and then went on to acquire her GED.

“The Mississippi Coding Academy in Columbus has expanded my horizons. I have a new outlook on life, and I am learning new things I never really knew much or anything about. I am interested in coding because it is new to me and I love to learn and experience new things. I am interested in seeing where the coding academy will take me in the long run.”