Information for Potential Candidates  

Mississippi Coding Academies are seeking recent high school graduates or other young adults with some college experience who want to “re-tool” to undertake a 11-month, no cost intensive training in computer coding and professional “soft” skills.

These skills are in high demand by informational technology employers. We have two training sites to pick from, one in Jackson and one in Starkville.

No prior coding, programming, software development, etc. experience required


There are some lectures, but most of the time is spent “learning by doing” in a simulated work-place, developing skills by writing actual code from approximately 9 am – 5 pm daily. In addition to coding, coders will learn the soft skills necessary for:

  • getting and staying employed,
  • becoming effective, productive employees, and
  • establishing long-term careers as IT professionals.

Our Academies have:

  • A rigorous recruitment and selection program of students and teachers,
  • A high touch approach, working with each student to achieve success,
  • A dedicated leadership group, many from technology companies that employ coders,
  • One experienced classroom teacher and one skilled in current programming languages,
  • Motivated students, not necessarily computer oriented, with superior work ethics,
  • A strong connection to the community of coding and computer science.

Inspiration: The Academy is inspired by Base Camp Coding Academy in Water Valley. In June 2016, it began with 14 recent high school graduates. Eleven trainees graduated in May 2017; all were hired by FedEx, C Spire and FNC. You can visit their website at

Target Trainee Coders

  • Primarily June 2018 high school graduates, but also 2014 to 2017 graduates
  • Not college or junior college bound
  • Highly motivated, hard-working, problem solvers
  • Ability and determination to stick with challenging program
  • Have an interest in learning coding and a career in IT
  • Willing to be a lifelong learner

Benefits to Student Coders

  • Prepares them for careers in tech; not just jobs
  • No cost; they invest only time and effort
  • Realizes the unused potential of the students
  • Change the way the students think about themselves, and their friends, family and community think of them
  • Demonstrates the payoff for commitment, hard work and determination

Selection Process

  • Candidates are nominated by or recommended from their high school counselor or teacher or a community leader such as minister, youth organization leader, etc.
  • Candidates can also directly apply via our website.
  • We strongly suggest the nomination/recommendation be made by a person who has worked closely with the prospective nominee over an extended period and not by a relative or family member.
  • Candidate will fill out an application and take several short aptitude tests.
  • Candidates will undergo several hours of interviews by an Admissions Committee composed of IT professionals, coders, Academy instructors and coding enabled company management.

Candidates will be measured against these criteria:

  1. Will they finish the course and acquire the target skills?
  2. Ability: Do they have the mental capacity for the work?
  3. Determination: Can they overcome challenges and obstacles?
  4. Problem Solving: Can they solve the types of problems (puzzles) faced by coders?
  5. Work Place Personal Skills: Do they have the potential, with intense instruction and support, to develop the soft skills necessary to perform effectively in a professional corporate workplace?

Contacts: Mississippi Coding Academy, Jackson

Briar Bowser, Coding Instructor

Herbert Brown, Classroom Instructor


Richard A. Sun, CFA Co-Founder


Contacts: Mississippi Coding Academy, Golden Triangle Campus

Andrew Stamps, Coding Instructor

Dr. Sarah Lee, contact, (Golden Triangle Campus)