Jackson Class 2017-2018

Our first class launched in Jackson, Mississippi, on October 23, 2017. In December of 2017, the coders moved into their newly renovated facility on North State Street in the “Innovation Hub,” next door to Innovate Mississippi.

MSCA - Tuition Free - 11 months

^^ Pictured: Coders with Instructors Herbert Brown & Briar Bowser

Meet the Instructors

Herbert Brown - Mississippi Coding Academies

Herbert Brown –
Classroom Instructor

Herbert Brown is the classroom instructor for the Mississippi Coding Academies’ Jackson site. 

He previously served as a teacher for the Algebra Project at Lanier High School in Jackson, Ms from 2006-2010. He later worked as a financial aid counselor at Tougaloo College. 

Currently, he serves on the board of directors for the Algebra Project as treasurer. Brown has received a Bachelor’s in Business Administration from Jackson State University and a Bachelor’s in Finance from Mississippi College.

Bryce Mullican - Mississippi Coding Academies

Bryce Mullican –
Coding Instructor

Bryce Mullican is a coding instructor for the Mississippi Coding Academies’ Jackson site. Born and raised by educators in Hattiesburg, Miss., Mullican went to the University of Southern Mississippi, where he got a degree in Advertising.

After college, Bryce taught himself coding, eventually becoming a Senior Web Developer at the advertising agency Mad Genius where he worked for 9 years. Bryce believes in empowering people by teaching code; he states that the main selling point for joining the academy was the drive, brilliance and dedication of students at the academy.

Javier Peraza - Mississippi Coding Academies

Javier Peraza –
Classroom Instructor

Javier Peraza is a classroom instructor for the Mississippi Coding Academies’ Jackson site. Peraza has four years of experience teaching in Jackson Public Schools, where he also served as the debate coach at Murrah High School. Prior to that he was a regional field director for both of President Obama’s campaigns and the Democratic National Committee.

Peraza is the co-founder of Jackson Kids Code, a start-up project in Jackson, Miss., with a mission to expand access to computer science through summer coding camps and after school programming opportunities.

2017-18 Coder Profiles

Rishard Bell - Mississippi Coding Academies

Rishard Bell

Hinds Community College

Rishard Bell is a graduate of Terry High School who went on to attend and graduate from Hinds Community College with a certificate in Collision Repair. He then went on to pursue a degree in Computer Programming before leaving to attend the Mississippi Coding Academy. 

“My future goals are to work for a successful company and further my coding knowledge to later become a business owner of my own.”

Aquita Bryant - Mississippi Coding Academies

Aquita Bryant

Forest Hill High School

Aquita Bryant is a graduate of Forest Hill High School who completed two years at Mississippi University for Women, majoring in Business Administration with an emphasis in Management. 

“The coding academy was a unique opportunity that I came across and was really intrigued by. From where I started, not having any prior knowledge about coding, to where I am now, I can honestly say the Mississippi Coding Academy has broadened my horizon significantly.”

Samuel Cole - Mississippi Coding Academies

Samuel Cole

Callaway High School

Samuel Anthony Cole III is a graduate of Callaway High School who finished a semester at Hinds Community College in Rankin County. The classes he took were dealing with graphic design, 3D Modeling, Animation, and Marketing.

” I have an interest in video game development. After I finish the MS Coding Academy I want to find a job for a video game company and work there.”

Clarence Conner - Mississippi Coding Academies

Clarence Conner

Jackson State University

Clarence Conner graduated from Jackson State University with a degree in Chemistry. 

“I love to learn, and when I got the opportunity to be part of the Mississippi Coding Academy, I was ecstatic (mainly because I already started to teach myself a little bit of coding). I was planning on getting my second degree in computer science, so this was a perfect opportunity to obtain practical experience in coding before I take my next educational step.”

Michael DeGrado - Mississippi Coding Academies

Michael DeGrado


Michael DeGrado was homeschooled from kindergarten through 12th grade, who dual-enrolled at Hinds Community College starting in the 12th grade and attended for two more years. 

“I was already pursuing Computer Science as my major and decided to join Mississippi Coding Academy knowing that there would be many fantastic opportunities along the way.”

Joey Ford

Madison Central High School

 Joey Ford is a graduate of Madison Central High School who completed two semesters of college at William Carey University. 

“After completing the Mississippi Coding Academy, I hope to get a great job that will continue to improve my skills and then eventually start my own business.”

Amber Jackson - Mississippi Coding Academies

Amber Jackson

Germantown High School

Amber Jackson is a graduate of Germantown High School. 

“Coding has a tremendous affect in the development of technology today. Being a part of a great impact as such, has open my eyes to a whole new world and many opportunities. I would like to further any experience gained throughout this course and hope to pursue a job in computer coding soon.”

Charlena Jackson - Mississippi Coding Academies

Charlena Jackson

Jim Hill High School

Charlena Jackson is a graduate of Jim Hill High School who attended Hinds Community College for a short amount of time then was accepted into the Coding Academy. 

“I didn’t see myself in this field, but now I can honestly see myself in a career in computer programming. After I complete the academy, I want to pursue a career in app design and creation. At the conclusion of this program I see myself as computer programmer seeking even more education and advancement in this field.”

D'Ebonie Johnson - Mississippi Coding Academies

D'Ebonie Johnson

University of Southern Mississippi

D’Ebonie Johnson is a graduate of the University of Southern Mississippi with a bachelor’s degree in Business with a concentration in Entrepreneurship. 

“My goal after the academy is to pursue a career in coding. I eventually want to own my own small business consulting company. I want to use the skills that I learn here in the academy to better my business.”

Bryce Maxwell

Terry High School

Bryce Terence Maxwell is a graduate of Terry High School, where he participated in 4 years of football, track and field as well as honor choir. After high school he enlisted in the Army National Guard as a Military Policeman and went to train in Fort Lenard Wood, Missouri. 

“After I’ve completed the academy I hope to be able to branch out very far. I would love to be able to do something with music, video games or photography if possible. Overall, I just want to be able to be a part of a great team and have a prosperous, fun career.”

Adrianne McNeese - Mississippi Coding Academies

Adrian McNeese

Murrah High School

Adrian McNeese is a graduate of Murrah High School with academic honors, who attended Jackson State University and studied computer science and computer technology for two years.

“Since joining the coding academy, I have gained a vast amount of knowledge and understanding of the thought process that a coder has to have, with more to come. After this class, I plan to pursue a career in coding, and work my way to the ranks of the most prestigious coders.”

Shoncurra Redmond - Mississippi Coding Academies

Shoncurra Redmond

Holmes County Central High School

Shoncurra Redmond is from Pickens, MS., and a graduate of Holmes County Central High School. She says she feels very “thankful” to be a part of the Mississippi Coding Academies.

“At the conclusion of the program I hope to be a successful coder ready for whatever job I may be offered. My goal is to apply the training and skills I was taught during the academy to the job that I receive.”

Zuryk Rushing - Mississippi Coding Academies

Zuryk Rushing

Murrah High School

Zuryk Rushing is a graduate from Murrah High School in 2016 who completed a year of college at Jackson State University. 

“After completing the Mississippi Coding Academy, I hope to get a great job that will continue to improve my skills and then eventually start my own coding company.”

Amber Taylor - Mississippi Coding Academies

Amber Taylor

Murrah High School

Amber Taylor is a graduate of Murrah High School.  She has experience in journalism, clerical work, and theater arts. 

“My long-term goal is to successfully master coding and help and others contribute to Mississippi’s rise in the technology scene. After the program ends, I hope to work in the tech industry, dedicating my weekends to teaching code.”