Columbus Dispatch Covers Golden Triangle Campus of Mississippi Coding Academies

We’ve just been alerted to some great coverage from the Columbus Dispatch of our Columbus-based Golden Triangle campus of the Mississippi Coding Academies. The Golden Triangle campus recently gained a new director for that Academy, Paul Luckett, who told the Dispatch that the academy is on schedule to graduate 10 new coders by November who could start to fill some of the estimated 1,200 computing coding positions that are available in Mississippi.

“The whole point is making sure that industry in our area has the talent they need to be competitive,” Luckett told the Dispatch. “That’s the reason that we exist.”

The article, by Mary Politiz, goes on to detail the work of the academy, which will graduate its coders with skills in web design, sofware development, database management and other full-stack coding skills. The program also teaches “soft skills” such communications skills, workplace interactions and financial management.

Politiz also highlights the Golden Triangle campus’ instructors, Andrew Stamps (coding) and Angela Bluitt (classroom). The team keeps things going from 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., Monday through Friday, with the environment more like a modern workplace instead of a traditional classroom. Stamps told the Dispatch that the students are coding on schedule at the six-month mark, working in HTML, Javascript and Python programming languages.

Bluitt said that a number of companies have visited the academy and have expressed interest in the students once they graduate from the program.

Finally, the piece points out that the Golden Triangle campus is currently seeking applications for its second class, which will start in late June. For more information on that class, visit

And thanks to Mary Pollitz and the Columbus Dispatch for helping us get the word out in the Golden Triangle!