Bryce Mullican, Coding Instructor, Joins Mississippi Coding Academies

The Mississippi Coding Academies are thrilled to welcome Bryce Mullican as a coding instructor for the Mississippi Coding Academies’ Jackson site.

Born and raised by educators in Hattiesburg, Miss., Mullican went to the University of Southern Mississippi, where he got a degree in Advertising.

After college, Bryce taught himself coding, eventually becoming a Senior Web Developer at the advertising agency Mad Genius where he worked for 9 years.

Bryce has said that he believes in empowering people by teaching code. For him, the main idea that drove him to join the Academies was the drive, brilliance and dedication of the student coders that he’s met.

We’re excited to have him as part of the team and we look forward to seeing him help some bright young people become successful developers!