Nashlie Sephus Visits MS Coding Academies

Dr. Nashlie Sephus, currently a software development manager with, visited the Mississippi Coding Academies classes in Jackson to tell them about the job and startup opportunities in coding and technology. Sephus, who is from Jackson and attended Jackson Public Schools, was Chief Technology Officer of the startup PartPic, which was eventually sold to Amazon.

She told the group “Get ready to be told ‘no’ a lot” and deal with the fact that some people might just be trying to get you down “… but to be open to feedback” when it comes to being entrepreneurial.

She also told the group to “be open to a lot of firsts,” things that some the coders may not have experienced but that can add to their understanding of the world.

Sephus is also the founder of The Bean Path in Jackson, a non-profit dedicated to helping cultivate startups and build entrepreneurial culture in the capital city.