Willie Jones and Eric Hill Added to MCA Board of Directors

New Board members Willie Jones and Eric Hill

We are pleased to announce that we have added Willie Jones and Eric Hill to the Mississippi Coding Academies Board of Directors this spring.

President of the DSC Training Academy with 30 years of experience in workforce development Wille Jones is determined to create diversity in the job market and serve the needs of women and underserved young people in the Jackson Metro area. We are grateful for our partnership with her and the DSC Training Academy. With the new South Jackson location, we know we can better serve young graduates and mid-career adults and help them move into higher-paying jobs without leaving the state.

Eric Hill is the executive director of the Center for Entrepreneurship and Outreach at Mississippi State University. He believes in the potential for young entrepreneurship and technology startups in the state of Mississippi. Eric’s leadership on campus is a major catalyst for startup activity in the MSU community, and we’re pleased to have his energy and expertise on the MCA board to help even more young people get ahead in technology fields.

We are excited about their leadership and efforts to help the Mississippi coding Academies serve more students and Mississippi communities.