Coast Electric Awards $10k to Mississippi Coding Academies via ‘Operation Round Up’

New Student Coder Laptops - Mississippi Coding AcademiesBiloxi, Miss.: The Mississippi Coding Academies proudly announced receiving $10,000 from Coast Electric’s Operation Round Up program. This grant underscores MCA’s commitment to providing quality education and professional development in technology.

Operation Round Up, driven by member contributions at Coast Electric, supports various community endeavors. The grant enabled MCA to purchase laptop computers for its coding students, thus bolstering its efforts to deliver comprehensive coding education, emphasizing real-world applications, project-based learning, and soft skills integration. This funding is a testament to the Academy’s impactful role in fostering economic development, education, and youth empowerment within the community.

The grant will enable the Academy to expand its curriculum, integrate more industry certifications, and enhance soft skills training. It will also support establishing an alum mentorship program and the continuous evolution of the curriculum to align with technological advancements. This contribution aligns perfectly with Operation Round Up’s commitment to community service, education, and economic development.

Mississippi Coding Academy, through this grant, reaffirms its dedication to providing accessible, high-quality tech education, fostering diversity and inclusion in the tech industry, and contributing to the economic upliftment of the community.

“This grant from Operation Round Up is not just a funding boost; it’s a recognition of the value and impact of our work,” said Bob Buseck, executive director of the Mississippi Coding Academies. “We are thrilled to expand our offerings and continue to empower our students with the skills they need to succeed in the dynamic tech industry. We are extremely grateful to Operation Round Up, Coast Electric and their generous customers, and the Gulf Coast Community Foundation.”

Mississippi Coding Academies provides intensive, hands-on training in software development, preparing students for successful careers in the technology sector. Through its comprehensive curriculum, the Academies empower students with the technical and soft skills essential in today’s job market.