Keesler Federal Credit Union’s Generous Donation and Partnership Enriches Education at Mississippi Coding Academies

In a significant development for education and community engagement, Keesler Federal Credit Union has donated $5,000, along with essential equipment, to the Mississippi Coding Academies’ Biloxi location. This donation, led by Jason MacDonald, a key stakeholder at Keesler Federal Credit Union, underscores a strong commitment to fostering students’ potential in the Gulf Coast region. This partnership promises to bridge the gap between education and industry and offers students unique insights into prospective careers and opportunities, including internships and positions within Keesler Federal Credit Union.

Andrew Stamps, Gulf Coast Director at Mississippi Coding Academies, expressed his gratitude for Keesler Federal Credit Union’s generous support, stating, “This initiative not only enhances our students’ educational journey but also provides them with invaluable real-world exposure to the coding and finance domains.”

Mississippi Coding Academies is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization supported by local leaders, employers, and educators. MCA offers the “Mississippi Model” of coding and soft-skills instruction in a simulated workplace environment, graduating full-stack coders at no cost to the coders. Funders for MCA include the state of Mississippi’s workforce development funds, community colleges, the W. K. Kellogg Foundation and private donations from employers and individuals.