The prime objective of the Mississippi Coding Academies is to produce full stack coders/web developers with jobs at or before the end of our eleven months together.

These are the principles that we adhere to in that pursuit:

  • This is a workplace. We intend it to look act and feel like a workplace, keeping business hours, legal holidays and performance standards.
  • We relate to each other as working professionals. We respect each other’s feelings, thoughts, ideas, bodies, and capacities to learn.
  • We are coders (not students). We’re trainee coders who are learning at a high rate, but coders nonetheless.
  • We are a team. We succeed or fail together.
  • We help each other. If one of us understands a concept before another, we help the other understand it as well.
  • We value the insights and opinions of our fellow coders, our instructors and others supporting the Academies.
  • We take care of, respect and treat as if it were our own—our workplace, our equipment, our books and the other resources entrusted to us.
  • We dress appropriately for a professional workspace. Remember people are watching.
  • We learn coding by coding. We will become fully qualified full stack coders and web developers by progressively coding in new languages, new areas and at progressively more complex and challenging levels.
  • Coding is a series of challenging puzzles. Occasionally, a problem seems unsolvable; with time and suggestions from fellow coders and instructors, we will overcome the challenge and solve the enigma.
  • We are a startup, a new company with a future, but no past. The Academies will be what we make it. We, and those who come after us, will make the future of Mississippi Coding Academies.