WLBT: Coding Academy Coders Need Take-Home Laptops

WLBT’s Rosalyn Anderson produced a great story about the Jackson class of the Mississippi Coding Academies, explaining the value of the program—which offers coding classes to recent high school and college grads at no cost to the student.

“The free 11-month course teaches high school graduates with no coding experience four computer languages, affording them the opportunity upon graduating a starting salary of $50,000,” Anderson aid.

The story points out that there are 1,200 open coding positions in the state of Mississippi and that some of the students, like Michael DeGrado, travel long distances to be a part of the program.

“I know that sometimes depending upon the degree that you choose, you may not get that and having the possibility of being able to get that pay per year with something like this is wonderful,” DeGrado told WLBT.

“The Mississippi Development Authority, Innovate Mississippi, the community college board and community colleges fund the nonprofit and provide everything including classroom laptops,” Anderson said in the story.

She then went on to help get the word our about the desire that many of the coders have for a laptop that they can take home for doing more work.

See the full story Coding Academy in Need of Take Home Laptops, or view the video at WLBT.  Huge thanks to WLBT and Rosalyn Anderson for the story and the help!