Mississippi Coding Academies Covered by WAPT News in Jackson

Mississippi Coding Academies received some great coverage from WAPT for the Jackson Mississippi Coding Academies, where reporter Earl Arms talked to instructor Herbert Brown and a number of the coders about their ambitions.

Charlena Jackson, a coder, told Arms that doing this work makes her feel good.

“It makes you feel like you’re smarter than everyone else,” she said, laughing. “It’s like learning any other thing; you’ve just got to keep your mind to it.”

See the video here: Mississippi Coding Academy Funding With Grants.MS Coding Academies - WAPT story

Arms went on to explain that the coding academies are funding (in part) by state money and grants, with co-founder Richard Sun telling WAPT that the coding academies are able to train coders from Mississippi for higher-paying jobs at less expense that many companies would incur trying to recruit coders from outside the state. Arms notes that the program is free to the coders, and is designed to get coders into technology jobs even though most don’t have a college degree.

We appreciate the coverage from WAPT and the recognition of how exciting Mississippi Coding Academies are for the state!